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Community Meeting - 8/22/17 @ 6:00pm


Presentation by Allegheny County Department of Public Health 

Public Health Solutions

August 22, 2017

  1. Increase and promote physical fitness opportunities

    1. Promote yoga and other opportunities*

    2. Revamp park- have activities there for kids and families*********

    3. Create fitness days- community hikes, etc. *****

    4. Start an oxygen bar*

    5. Neighbors talking to neighbors**


  1. Create more spaces for physical fitness

    1. Complete gym in Fowler Park**************

    2. Host outdoor gym sessions (weightlifting)


  1. Increase strategies to prevent violence

    1. Coordinate peace walks

    2. Coordinate community talks

    3. Get more cameras**

  2. Improve physical environment (rehab houses, increase job access)*****


  1. Connect residents to existing resources*****

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