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Community Meeting - 6/13/17 @ 6:00pm

at Fineview Park



State of Open Space -Presentation by Ariam Ford, GTECH

Priorities Identified

Open Space Priorities

June 27, 2107

  1. Litter

    1. Increased capacity for managing public spaces

    2. Getting more young people involved--kid clean-up day****

    3. More trash cans/litter awareness*

  2. Fineview Park

    1. Invite and host more activities at park (i.e. Wheel Mill, other health activities)***

    2. Add spray park

    3. Improve Amenities - Fix water fountain****** and add Lighting/Electricity*********

    4. Add basketball hoops*

  1. Greenways

    1. Increase accessibility (infrastructure/safety)*

    2. Community hikes***

    3. Awareness**

    4. Recruit Stewards*


  1. Vacant Lots

    1. More vegetable gardens*****

    2. Maintenance Program***

    3. Strategies to claim lots*

    4. Uncover old pathways

    5. Use vacant lots as gateways for cultural expressions/amenities*

    6. Link to housing strategy

    7. Fix up Kennedy at Perrysville Ave.

    8. Create a walking link between Fineview Park and Allegheny Dwellings (add fruit trees*****


  1. Other

    1. Fineview Overlook**

    2. Charles St./Perrysville Intersection**

    3. Make lots better for pets and/or kids ***********

    4. More activities for families and kids*****

    5. More opportunities for legal dumping/recycling****

    6. Inclusive (culturally) open spaces*



Photo of Ballfield Farm, by Carol Gonzales

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