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Community Meeting - 7/25/17 @ 6p.m.

2246 Wilson Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15214


Priority Solutions

July 25, 2017

  1. Public Art

    1. Focus on Catoma Overlook*

    2. Focus on Gateways

    3. Get murals on sides of houses on Meadville and key streets**

    4. Expand projects that engage youth and tell neighborhood history.***

  2. Event Spaces

    1. Create a Open House Tour throughout community, music and plays in people’s houses, traveling parade*************

    2. Improve playground at host events there****


  1. Historic Preservation

    1. Stir up community interest in topic***

    2. Identify and better label historic properties and landmarks*****


  1. Art Programming

    1. Add art to city steps**

    2. Add murals on walls****

    3. Use parking lots creatively for programs**

    4. Create pop-up art spaces in abandoned buildings******

    5. Expand programs for kids****

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