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Preserving affordability, Lanark Street development

During our community planning process between 2018 - 2020, it became clear that our housing plan should target the creation of permanently-affordable housing. The need for affordable housing in both Fineview and Perry Hilltop households was evident after examining household income levels (between 30-50% of the Pittsburgh region's median income). Currently, there's a shortage of 400 affordable homes for cost-burdened households spending over 30% of their income on housing.

We've already renovated three affordable rental homes on Lanark Street, and are actively collaborating with City of Bridges Community Land Trust to renovate vacant homes and build 8 new modular homes for sale in the same block. As we navigate local zoning challenges (current zoning does not permit attached housing) and rising construction costs, we've developed a survey to assist us in determining the best approach moving forward.

If you are a Fineview resident, your input would be greatly appreciated, click ZONING OPTIONS to learn more and ZONING SURVEY to share your opinion with a short survey. Thank you.

Historic infrastructure

Lanark was once a bustling City street. The photo below is circa 1940. Homes were close in proximity and lined the narrow street.

Lanark Street_Trolley_Circa_edited.jpg

Existing Streetscape

Deteriorated housing stock resulted in the existing, toothless streetscape. Fineview Citizens Council was able to save and renovate three homes for affordable rental.

Lanark street existing.jpg

Proposed Streetscape from City of Bridges Community Land Trust

A proposed design for new, permanently affordable housing includes 8 new builds, three of which are attached and two which are detached, single-family affordable for sale homes. 

Lanark street  Proposed development.jpg
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