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Vision for Housing

A community without vacant and vandalized homes. An inclusive community with appropriate housing for people with a variety of incomes and options (homeownership and rental). Well maintained sidewalks, retaining walls, and streets surrounding homes. Well maintained greenspaces and gardens that bring life into the community. A safer community, with a connection between neighbors, where neighbors help each other.


Priority Solutions

  1. Promote and access solutions with city Policies/Partnership

    1. Landbank (City of Pittsburgh)

    2. Code Enforcement (target and report code violations to get city action)

    3. Inclusionary Zoning (require market rate developers to build affordable homes)****

  2. Promote Equitable Development

    1. Create a Community Land Trust

    2. Create Community Benefits Agreements with developers***

    3. Increase Service Enriched Properties

    4. Get control of and fix up vacant “problem” properties************

    5. Rehab existing structures*****

    6. Develop tiny homes

    7. Develop affordable housing

  3. Marketing

    1. Promote community--attract investors and developers***

    2. Get people to move here***

  4. Partner with Housing Authority

  5. Access funding mechanisms

    1. State Housing Trust Fund

    2. City Housing Opportunity Fund

    3. 4% tax credit

  6. Provide educational programs for residents

    1. Homeownership programs***

    2. General education on housing issues.

  7. Help existing homeowners to maintain their homes

  8. Other

    1. Better communicate with each other

    2. Clean-up the community

Photo of 19 Lanark Street developed by Fineview Citizens Council

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