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Transformation at Perrysville Avenue Corridor

In the heart of Pittsburgh's Perry Hilltop neighborhood, an exciting transformation is underway. The Perry Hilltop Citizens' Council, in collaboration with the community, local entrepreneurs and non-profit stakeholders, is bringing to life a series of real estate projects that are now seeing the light of day after years of planning and hard work.

These projects promise to breathe new life into the area. Abandoned properties are being revitalized, and once-blighted spaces are being repurposed to serve the community. From affordable housing initiatives to mixed-use developments, the Perry Hilltop Citizens' Council is striving to create a vibrant, inclusive, and economically thriving neighborhood. With the dedication and collaboration of the Buhl Foundation, the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, Rising Tide Partners, Riverside Center for Innovation, Lateresa Blackwell and Ira Lewis of Wilson’s Barbecue, these projects are not only transforming the physical landscape but are also revitalizing the spirit of Perry Hilltop’s once thriving business district.

The revitalization efforts at Perrysville and N. Charles Street reflect a strong sense of community spirit and a vision for a better future. It's a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together with determination and purpose. As these projects continue to evolve and take shape, Perry Hilltop is well on its way to becoming a model for successful community-driven revitalization efforts in the heart of the city.

Over the next few months, you will see demolition and renovations going on, paid for by the Avenues of Hope Grant from the Urban Redevelopment Authority, and environmental grants from Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development and Riverside Innovation Center. This funding will support critical predevelopment work including surveys, architectural and engineering. Join us in reshaping the future of this thriving minority-owned business district by attending one of our monthly community gatherings (last Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at 2601 Norwood Avenue.

Historic infrastructure

Lanark was once a bustling City street. The photo below is circa 1940. Homes were close in proximity and lined the narrow street.

Lanark Street_Trolley_Circa_edited.jpg

Existing Streetscape

Deteriorated housing stock resulted in the existing, toothless streetscape. Fineview Citizens Council was able to save and renovate three homes for affordable rental.

Lanark street existing.jpg

Proposed Streetscape from City of Bridges Community Land Trust

A proposed design for new, permanently affordable housing includes 8 new builds, three of which are attached and two which are detached, single-family affordable for sale homes. 

Lanark street  Proposed development.jpg
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