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Community Gatherings are held the 4th Tuesday each month at 6 pm. This year, let your community benefit from a New Year Resolution to be more connected and engaged with neighbors and positive change!

This event was hosted on Zoom. Here is the agenda.

  • Talia O'Brien of the URA shared plans for Avenues of Hope (Perrysville Avenue) View the full presentation here -

  • Neighbor, Ira Wilson, shared plans to bring Wilson's BBQ to 2615 Perrysville Ave as a take-out venue and hopes to expand for dine-in option.

  • Jordan Smith, Choice Community Project Coordinator discussed early Action Activities

  • Carla Arnold, Community Outreach Director, shared opportunities to engage or volunteer in 2023.

  • Christine Whispell, Communications Specialist, shared how to stay connected to our work through websites, newsletters and social media.

  • Public Safety Officers shared that there have been some crimes involving facebook marketplace selling. Officers suggest when making a place to meet, you goto the nearest police station parking lot to make the exchange. It would reduce likelihood of scams and thefts.

  • Mayor's office shared gratitude for helping with the Snow Angel's Program. Let's continue to be neighborly and know what our neighbors needs are!

  • Councilman Wilson's office shared City's commitment for Fineview Field and possibility for accent lights to be installed at the Fineview Overlook. More details and plans to be shared in the future...

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