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Fineview Citizens Council

Board of Directors

Diondre Johnson, President

Jon Hanrahan, Vice President

Greg Manley, Secretary 

Sarah Axtell, Treasurer

Jacob Brown

Jerry Gaines

Matt Indovina

Kimberly Lee

Diann Malcolm

Marsha Moore Reed

Perry Hilltop Citizens Council

Board of Directors

Dwayne Barker, Board President

Gianni Haley, Vice President

Janet Gunter, Secretary

Lukas Bagshaw

Betty Davis

Kim Harriel

Donna Illochi

Micki McDonough

Genafie McKnight

Sally Stadelman


Nancy Noszka, Interim Executive Director, (412)228-0153

Carla Arnold, Outreach Director, (724)201-9371

Lisa Vasser, Administrative Assistant

Jordan Smith, Choice Community Projects Coordinator

Christine Whispell, Communications Specialist

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