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Unity Corner Gateway Sign

FCC and PHCC are working with The Pittsburgh Project and Allegheny City Society, along with the expertise of artists Linda Wallen and Sandy Kessler Kaminski to produce a beautiful mosaic gateway sign that will be displayed at a new parklet at Perrysville Ave. and Federal St. This project is supported by The Sprout Fund as well as many other neighbors and friends.

Corner of Hope

PHCC has been working with The Pittsburgh Project and Oakglade Realty to renovate a lot, located at Wilson and Burgess Street. Students from The Pittsburgh Project, with the support of artist Sandy Kessler Kaminski produced new beautifully painted murals featuring baseball players and images from the Negro League.

Tickets for Kids

FCC and PHCC are partnering with Tickets for Kids to provide families in our communities with opportunities to attend arts and cultural events as well as sporting events. We are creating t-shirts and wristbands to provide to participants who take advantage of these opportunities thanks to financial support we’ve received from neighbors and friends.

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