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Working Group

Housing & Real Estate 

Our working group meets on the first Monday of each month. If you are interested in more information or would like to become involved in our group, please contact Nancy. 

Lanark Street renovation before / after with  Emory Construction


The mission of the Housing Working Group is to preserve and expand permanently affordable rental housing, and to expand opportunities for affordable homeownership.  We also encourage appropriate commercial development
and address blighted and abandoned properties that affect our quality of life. We work to prevent resident displacement, and create a cooperative, vibrant, sustainable, and thriving community
as detailed in our community plan.


A community without vacant and vandalized homes. An inclusive community with appropriate housing for people with a variety of incomes and options (homeownership and rental). Well maintained sidewalks, retaining walls,
and streets surrounding homes. Well maintained green spaces and gardens
that bring life into the community.
A safer community, with a connection between neighbors, where neighbors
help each other.


Lanark Street demolition done by volunteers through
the Pittsburgh Project, Charles Chapman & the University of Pittsburgh.

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