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Community Meeting - 9/26/17 @ 6:00pm


Education Solution Priorities

October 10, 2017


  1. Increase parent involvement; bridge the disconnect between parents and the schools. (i.e. focus on trauma, de-intimidate parents, help parents value education, etc.)******

  2. Improve public perception of local feeder schools.**

    1. Asset-based language (i.e. focus on school strengths and opportunities)

    2. Asset-based community development (i.e. focus on parents/resident strengths)

  3. Advocate for consistent leadership in schools, since there has been a lot of turnover.**

  4. Advocate for and support early childhood programs****

  5. Advocate for teacher training*

  6. Provide opportunities that elevate student voices(i.e. Engage youth in community conversations and school leadership)**********

  7. Advocate for our schools to be community schools, so residents can access resources they need.

  8. Teach students how to execute their ideas (i.e. Replicate or expand entrepreneurship training opportunities tied to mini-grants, such as One Northside’s initiative in Perry High School)*********

  9. Provide Free Wifi for all residents*

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