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Priority Solutions

  1. Community Engagement

    1. Meet with community police *

    2. Partner with other Northside neighborhoods to address these issues *****

    3. Convene community Meetings

    4. Include youth in planning process (use technology)

    5. Meet new neighbors proactively

  2. Advocacy - social services/health/employment

    1. Push for better collaboration between law enforcement, educational institutions, and social services ***

    2. Push for more re-entry programs (for people who have served time and need jobs/housing/driver’s license etc to be successful) ******

    3. Expand Jobs & Training programs

  3. Youth Development Programs

    1. Expand availability and access to youth centered spaces ****

    2. Provide youth with civic education/advocacy training ***

    3. Make sure PHCC/FCC are engaging youth/partnering with programs to serve youth. ***

  4. Advocacy - criminal justice

    1. Push city for data on illegal gun transactions *

    2. Advocate for legislation that affects crime **

    3. Support diversion programs and make sure they serve our communities**

  5. Public Health

    1. Provide services for people with addiction issues ***

      1. Prevention Point needle exchange

      2. Case Management

      3. Treatment

  6. Public Education

    1. Support Ceasefire PA’s tradeback program--educate public about illegal gun

    2. transactions *

    3. Advocate for public schools *

  7. Public Spaces

    1. Make problem areas less isolated/more visible. (e.g. trim trees, make trails and steps more visible; better lighting etc.) ****

    2. Increase foot traffic *

    3. Expand use of 2 ways streets to slow down traffic.

Chalk drawing by neighborhood youth at Corner of Hope event


Community Meeting - 2/28/17 @ 6:00pm

at Clayton Academy

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